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                                         You Have The Passion
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                                                   - THE  STORE -             

                                           4802 NORTH 7th AVENUE

                                               PHOENIX, AZ 85013

                                               10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

                           TUESDAYS  -  WEDNESDAYS  -  THURSDAYS                                         

                                              -PHONE IN ORDERS -


                                               -THE WAREHOUSE-

                                             WAREHOUSE HOURS

                                               10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

                          TUESDAYS  -  WEDNESDAYS  -  THURSDAYS

                      NEXT DAY delivery on all orders placed before 3:00 PM

                       TO PLACE AN ORDER PLEASE CALL 602-265-3360

EXPO BEAUTY SUPPLY DISTRIBUTORS has been in business since April 1st, 2010. EXPO is a wholesaler to the- HAIR INDUSTRY ONLY and not open to the public.              

EXPO supplies in the state of Arizona to Phoenix, and the greater area, Northern Ariz, Yuma, Casa Grande, and the state of New Mexico.  

EXPO exclusively supplies for Professional use only:

The Salon and Spa Certifiably Organic ALL-NUTRIENT Cream Base Haircolor,

The NEW Keratint Color- Glaze,         

The ALL- NUTRIENT / SUKESHA wet/styling tools product lines, and Pro Gear Sundries.

ALL-NUTRIENT and SUKESHA Certified Organic product lines, click on the following link:                 

                                                All-Nutrient & Sukesha